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National Album Day is this Sunday

Here at Headcan Music we’re very excited about BBC Music’s National Album Day which takes place this Sunday 13th October. If you want to join in, listen to an album of your choice (preferably on vinyl!) starting at 3.33 p.m. (do you see what the organisers did there?). I’ll probably choose some Prog nonsense but, then again, I’ll most likely listen to whatever I have just picked up or something by My New Favourite Band which, as of today, is the French band, Itzamna. Their album, Chascade, is incredibly diverse incorporating multiple styles from Chamber Prog to Metal. Wonderful stuff.

As the National Album Day is organised by BBC Music, not surprisingly, they are scheduling a lot of related programmes including a run-down of the Top 40 biggest Studio albums, and two hour special on the Beatles’ White Album. Should be good.

By the way, great to see The Lovely Eggs given the status of Ambassadors on the official NAD website.

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